By Brother David C. Bonner
Iota Epsilon-Towson State University

Omega is more than just a name
Omega is a belief held in the hearts and minds
Of those who have crossed Omega’s burning sands.

Omega is the challenge that real men accept and
Attain through hard work and sacrifice.

Omega is a universal service that provides Uplift
To its members as well as those in the community

Omega is the reality that Brothers Cooper, Coleman,
Love and Just once saw as a vision

Omega is the force that can make you love and feel
For another man just as if he were your blood brother.

Omega is the training center for those men who
Want to be ten times the normal man.

Omega is the universal center of knowledge thus enabling
Its members to develop keener minds thru Scholarship

Omega is the epitome of perpetuation because Omega
Has persevered and adapted through changing times.

Omega is the prototype of quality instead of quantity,
Because the value of Omega is not in numbers.

Omega is a mental construction company because it
Teaches all of its members to be bridge builders.

Omega is very emphatic about finishing the job
Because it teaches all of its members to See It Through

Omega is Manhood, because it teaches all of its
Members to “Live Nobly As All Real Men Do”

Omega is leadership factory because it continues
To produce great leaders year after year

Omega is physical and mental institution that will
Stand when all other institution have faded away.

Omega is the human expression of men in brotherhood
Rejoicing through song and dance

Omega is that glowing light ahead of us each day
Leading us to our greater destinies

Omega is the Purple and Gold worn by men who are the same.

Omega is a special love and its much more than just a name.