Brothers of Omega. The 5th District has a long and proud History of Service and Achievement.

In celebration of our 70th District meeting, the brothers of the Sigma Lambda Lambda Chapter are commemorating and highlighting some of the outstanding achievements of our beloved district with the first ever hardbound edition Souvenir Booklet .This is not intended to be a history book, but rather a celebration of the rich and illustrious history of our 5th District . This publication will be in color, hard bound, and will be a fraternity keepsake item.

The 5th District Souvenir Book will not only be a celebration of the lives of our brothers and chapters, but an opportunity to highlight individual, chapter, line and fraternal accomplishments.

The Book will also highlight famous Omega Men and have interviews with Past D.R.’s as well as brothers who pledged Omega in the 1940s up to the present, as well as spotlighting recent entries into Omega Chapter.

As editors, we reserve the right to reject any submissions that may be nonfactual or displays the fraternity in a negative light. You will receive an email that displays the exact image and a confirmation of the image that will be displayed prior to the final submission for printing.

The 5th District Hardbound Souvenir Book will replace what was previously the Book(let). The pricing has been adjusted accordingly based upon the enhanced quality of the pictures, glossed pages and hardbound cover.