The History of the Epsilon Phi Golden Ques

Alvin J. Clark- Chapter Reporter

Memphis, TN- In 2007, Brother Lawrence A. Wesley (Epsilon Phi ’51) spoke with Brother William H. Sweet (Rho Psi ’49) of an “Older Que” organization he visited in St. Louis, MO named “The Elites”. Both Brothers were very interested and wanted to organize a similar group for our chapter…Epsilon Phi.
The following year (2008) after several meetings between the two, Brothers Wesley and Sweet decided to create a layout of what was need to begin an organization for the “older members” that were still active in the Fraternity. Unfortunately, Brother Wesley entered the final Omega Chapter before his dream came to fruition.
Brother Wesley’s demise did not deter Brother Sweet. He contacted Brother Floyd Harrison (Rho Psi ’57) and explained to him what he and Brother Wesley were discussing with regards to The Elites. Brother Harrison agreed and the two decided to seek input from other “Seasoned Ques” in the Chapter. Then, in 2009, after several meetings, The Golden Ques was founded.

Qualifications for membership into The Golden Ques are as follows; 1) brothers must at least 65 years old; 2) must be financial in Epsilon Phi Chapter; 3) Must embrace the Cardinal Principles of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; and 4) Must enjoy camaraderie and fellowship with older, like-minded brothers.

The purpose of the Golden Ques is not only about fellowship, but also to offer wise counsel to the Chapter Basileus. Periodically, during the Chapter’s monthly meetings, one of the brothers of the Golden Ques will give the Brotherhood a bit of the history of the Fraternity as well as share their own personal experiences in the Fraternity.

Other members of the Golden Ques are; Dr. James Hawkins (Delta), Donald Lewis (Epsilon Phi), Charles Middleton (Rho Psi), Thomas Motley (Alpha), Alfred Motlow Sr. (Eta Psi), Dr. Lawrence Seymour (Rho Psi), Kennel Venson (Epsilon Phi), Daniel Ward (Rho Psi), Robert Osborne (Rho Psi), Willie Bates (Rho Psi), Rev. James Netters (Epsilon Phi), and Rev. Edward Parker (Epsilon Phi).
The Golden Ques Meet quarterly, with special outings with spouses planned periodically.