Social Action

Sean Adams
Welcome to the Social Action portal of the Fifth District of Omega Psi Phi. This page contains useful information about the Social Action Committee.


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5th District Social Action Committee Members (Regional POCs)

Area 1 (Memphis)

Area 2 (Jackson, Martin, and Dyersburg)

Area 3 (Clarksville and West KY)

Sean Adams
Chapter: Pi Gamma Gamma
City: Murfreesboro, TN
Area 4 (Nashville and Chattanooga)
Phone: (615) 274-1912

Area 5 (Lexington and East KY)

Bro. Smith Jean-Philippe
Chapter: Iota Alpha
City: Knoxville, TN
Area 6 (Knoxville, Cookeville and East Tennessee)
Phone: (865) 607-1521

Criteria for awards

In this report we establish a fraternal standard for judging Social Action activity by chapters. The implementation of this standard at the International level will allow our districts and chapters to understand, with clarity, how Omega recognizes and judges Social Action. Following these guidelines are strongly recommended.

The criteria to be used for the determination of International Social Action Award recipients are listed below:

  • In order to be considered the District or International Social Action Chapter of
    the Year each chapter must complete at a minimum the following seven (7)
    programs in this section: Achievement Week, Scholarship, Talent Hunt Program,
    Memorial Service, Reclamation and Retention, NAACP and College Endowment Fund.
    No points will be given to programs in this section, only a check for completion. Any chapter that fails to complete each of the seven internationally mandated programs will not be given further consideration by the District or International Social Action Committee.
  • Twenty-Five (25) points for each of the Special Emphasis Programs completed by the Chapter:
  1. Fatherhood Initiative
  2. Mentoring
  3. Health Initiatives
  4. Voter Registration, Education, and Mobilization
  5. Big Brother-Big Sister
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. National Diabetes Program
  8. Charles Drew Blood Drive
  • Ten (10) Points for any new social action program other than mandated or special emphasis programs.  An activity is considered a Social Action Activity when the Chapter participates with another organization or independently takes on a project that provides significant support to the community. Mandated or special emphasis programs that are duplicated or performed more than once during the fiscal year should be listed under this section and receive 10 points each time the mandated or special emphasis program is performed. Some examples are, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Food and Clothing Drives
  2. Boys and Girls Clubs
  3. Thanksgiving Baskets to the Needy
  4. Black on Black Crime Workshops
  5. United Way
  6. American Cancer Society
  7. Sickle Cell Foundation
  8. United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
  9. Senior Citizen Projects
  10. Habitat for Humanity Projects
  11. Mentoring and Educational Projects
  12. City and State Humanitarian Projects
  13. Campus/City/County Clean-Up Projects
  •  One (1) point for each $100.00 donation to any Social Action Project by the Chapter or by another organization in the name of Omega. Proof of documentation will be a letter on company letterhead from the company in which the chapter or brother donated the money or a copy of the annual report indicating the donation.  Points for scholarship donations will not be counted in the Social Action Report.
  • Ten (10) points for each media documented community service award received for work involved in the community by the Chapter or a Brother in the Chapter. Proof of documentation can be of any of the following:  letter written on company letterhead, local newspaper article, electronic newspaper, web-site, magazine article, TV story, or a copy of the annual report indicating service to the community.

All activities, projects, awards, and donations must be clearly listed on the Social Action Report Form.  A compact disk (CD) is required with documentation of all activities including donations or example, dates must be listed and appropriate supporting documentation attached.

Parties, dances or other social activities designed to raise funds and/or support community
organizations may be considered as a Social Action activity; however, those events that only involve the Chapter Brothers and their families will not be considered as a Social Action Project or Activity.

Three award categories have been developed based on membership type and size: small graduate chapters (5 to 49 brothers), large graduate chapters (50 brothers or more) and an undergraduate chapter.  Districts will submit the reports from each category to the International Chairman for consideration for the International Social Action Chapter(s) of the Year.