Bro. Willie Kemp’s mother, Maxine Kemp is in dire need of a kidney transplant since she lost both of her kidneys. In an effort to spread awareness and raise funds in her honor please read and share the following article and donation links.

Here is an excerpt from the Commercial Appeal’s story by Dan Wolken:

“A couple years before Willie Kemp enrolled at the University of Memphis, his mother Maxine lost function of her kidneys and had to get grueling dialysis treatments just to survive. Though it was rarely discussed publicly, his mother’s health significantly impacted Kemp throughout his career as a point guard for the Tigers.

Now, Kemp is using his platform as a former basketball player at Memphis to raise money for the National Foundation for Transplants, which is helping Maxine Kemp in her quest to get a new kidney…” Read more on the Commercial Appeal’s website

Donation Links:

(Thanks to E. Donaldson for sharing)