Honorary Membership

On Saturday, August 25, 2012 I attended the initiation of the honorary members approved by the 2012 Grand Conclave.  The experience was extremely motivating.  What I was most unprepared for was the same emotion and appreciation that I’ve witnessed on the faces of graduate and undergraduate members when I congratulate and welcome them into the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, on the faces of these celebrity and prominent initiates.

My focus is obviously on what we all have in common versus our respective differences.  Here are some similarities:

  • No candidate selects or initiates himself;
  • Each of us, that can legitimately claim membership, were initiated through a constitutionally authorized process;
  • There is no template that determines what kind of brother any initiate will be;
  • We all took the same oath;

My original skepticism, of the honorary membership process, was met by the same excitement I’ve seen each time I witnessed or conducted an initiation.  These new brothers were truly grateful to be members of this illustrious organization.  As has always been our charge with new members, it is now our charge to model the behavior envisioned by our founders.  We now must show ourselves friendly.

In all likelihood, most of the members of the Frat will not interact with any of these brothers.  It is therefore important that we understand the process and become involved with addressing whether or not the process needs to be improved, continued or left alone.  That is what positive thinking, proactive men of purpose do; always look forward, not back.

Is our Fraternity better after this weekend’s event?  In my opinion, yes!  I say yes because every time we give ourselves the opportunity to raise the bar, on any level, then we are all better off.  We are thinking and dialoguing on a different level.  That is a good thing.

We have been saying that we need to look more closely at the types of men we are bringing into this great fraternity.  As young undergraduate students, with the aid of a graduate advisor, our founders conceptualized and realized a brotherhood based on friendship that has endured for over 100 years.  This event, in my opinion, reminds me of the expectations Omega has of all of her sons.  Omega Men achieve!!


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